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The Foundation is pleased to see the seedlings provided to 19 Seed-To-Sustainability beneficiaries have now turned into grown plants. Not only that, but most of their vegetable plants have started to produce fruits such as bitter gourd (ampalaya), string beans (sitaw), Lady's Fingers (okra), and Lima Beans (patani). Beneficiaries were also able to prepare these as their food for their table and share them in their neighborhood.

Alongside that, the Foundation also had a productive learning session about farm planning which includes crop rotation for a more sustainable approach to natural farming. Periodically, the foundation conducts learning sessions for different stages of natural farming to beneficiaries to better guide them in their journey to this approach in producing nutritious food for their families resulting in cost-reduction. As of this writing, the Foundation has been able to conduct 5 learning sessions since October 2023.

Kudos to our beneficiaries! We hope to continue doing this initiative and influence more families for a more conscious, cooperative, and healthy community!

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