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Samahan ng mga Inang Gabay at Lakas ng Aktibong Komunidad

Malnutrition is one of the major problems in the country. According to Unicef, 95 children in the Philippines die daily from malnutrition. Twenty-seven out of 1,000 Filipino children do not get past their fifth birthday. A third of Filipino children are stunted or short for their age. Stunting after 2 years of age can be permanent, irreversible, and even fatal.

Poverty is also one of the major problems of the Philippines and one of the causes of malnutrition in the country. Around half of Filipino families considered themselves poor during the second quarter of 2023, according to a survey conducted by OCTA Research.

There is a need to strengthen the school-based feeding program to address malnutrition. Malnutrition-related cognitive impairments will be reduced by promoting a regular diet of sufficient quantities and varieties of nutrient-dense food among children. 

E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. - Socio-Economic Program - SIGLA

SIGLA: The Project

The SIGLA CFPF is a partnership project of the EZF and SIGLA Women’s Organization that helps in the transformation of the community through the production of nutritious, low-cost, and quality food that provides better nutrition for the people and empowering women through providing income augmentation and involvement in society

SIGLA CFPF is producing two (2) Complementary Food Products (Crunchies and Food Blend) for the community. The project envisioned adding more nutritious, low-cost products for community consumption that can be used during disasters.

E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. - Socio-Economic - SIGLA Crunchies


Mainly made from rice and mongo, it is a healthy substitute for snack food to commercialized cheap junk food that children really love.

Food Blend

Rice, mongo, and sesame seeds are combined to create the low-cost Sigla Complimentary Food Blend, which may be made by putting some in boiling water and cooking to the desired consistency. The fact that it increases the food's nutritional worth makes it suitable for inclusion in particular recipes.

It can be prepared easily by adding the mixture to boiling water and cooking to desired consistency. Sugar may be added to taste, if needed. This product can also be used in other food recipes as it adds more nutritional value to the food. 

E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. - Socio-Economic - SIGLA Food Blend

These products contain a lot of energy, protein, and carbs needed for children's healthy development and to provide them with the energy they need for daily activities. For kids aged 7 months to 12 years, especially those who are undernourished, it comes highly recommended as an additional food. 

FNRI-DOST developed these food technologies as alternative complementary food used in feeding programs. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has granted SIGLA with the License to Operate (LTO). 

Product Reviews

“Matagal ko na huling natikman ang Sigla noong nasa Enzotech pa ako. Bukod sa mura, masarap din lalo na yung cheese flavor, inalok ko din ito sa mga kaklase ko na hindi pa nakaka-kain  nito hanggang sa naging one of the favorite snacks namin!”
- Rowena Abalos

“Gustong gusto ng anak kong 2 yrs. old  yung Sigla, isa pa healthy din ang ingredients na ‘rice-mongo.’ Hindi kagaya ng ibang junk food. Appealing din ang packaging dahil nung nakita nya itong Sigla, tinuturo niya talaga.”
- Jasper Buendia Cueto

“Unang tikim ko pa lang nasarapan na agad ako sa lasa, lalo na ang cheese flavor ng Sigla Crunchies yung tipong babalik-balikan ko talaga.”
- Vincent Babaran

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