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The E. Zobel Foundation, Inc. (EZF) has partnered with NABU, a New York-based nonprofit focused on eradicating poverty through increased literacy, along with Globe Telecommunications to support underserved children in the Philippines by providing free access to mother tongue books and in English.

Tanyella Allison, CEO and Co-Creator of NABU, explains that “these exciting new partnerships will promote accessible literacy for all children in the Philippines. NABU’s unique reading app, will offer free, data-less download access to original children’s stories written in various regional Filipino languages including Tagalog, Ilokano, Bikolano, Maranao, Hiligaynon as well as English.”

NABU also brings its global partner, HP Inc, to this coalition working together towards achieving primarily the shared goal of reaching 250,000 readers in the Philippines.

The NABU Reading App presents e-books written in various regional Filipino languages, aims to broaden accessibility to new, locally created, culture considerate children’s stories.

To access NABU, download the app for free through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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