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Eco-tourism is the most effective way of educating the general public on environmental issues caused by human activity. By focusing on the preservation of local eco-destination sites combined with education on the various species of flora and fauna in both terrestrial and marine sites, we can hopefully prevent further destruction of our local biodiversity.

The Foundation took the initiative to support the International Coastal Cleanup drive by encouraging the students, faculty, trainers, and Foundation scholars to help clean up the coasts of Barangays Sta. Ana and Bagong Silang. Assorted plastic bottles, candy wrappers, rubber slippers, diapers, straws, and other materials were collected, removed, and recycled by a team of EZF volunteers.

As part of inculcating the value of proper waste management, ENZOTech implements the 5S concept (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain). Garbage bins donated by San Miguel were strategically located within the school campus for proper waste disposal.

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