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On August 3 - 4, 2023, the E. Zobel Foundation Inc. (EZF) conducted a two-day General Assembly of Mercedes Zobel and Tom Layng Scholars at ENZOTECH. It was participated by 133 parents and 183 scholars from Kinder to College.

This two-day program aimed at discussing the policy of the scholarship program, especially the changes in the general policy, procedures for releasing funds, roles and responsibilities, incentives, and grounds for termination in the program.

The Foundation also distributed cash incentives, shoe allowances, bags, school uniforms, and school vouchers.

The Mercedes Zobel Scholarship Program is funded through a generous personal donation coming from the chairwoman of the Foundation. On the other hand, the Tom Layng Scholarship Program is funded through an endowment fund bequeathed to the Foundation. The earnings of the said fund is used for the scholarship.

"Thank you very much for forming the E. Zobel Foundation. Thank you very much for all the help in our studies. Because of this, there is an opportunity to fulfill their dreams to help our family." one of MZ scholars said.

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