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The Foundation continues to pursue and administer two separate scholarship programs funded by Mercedes Zobel and the late Mr. Tom Layng. For the school year 2022-2023 a total of two hundred (200) scholars are enrolled in the program. The scholarship covers tuition fees, books, school supplies, school uniforms, food, board and lodging and transportation allowance.

Distribution of School Supplies
In order for children to have a better learning experience, they must be well equipped. Being prepared keeps youngsters motivated and enthusiastic. Having everything a pupil needs at school prepares them and offers them a sense of security that they would not have otherwise. A single set of school supplies might open the door to a bright and lucrative future. It is critical that future leaders are prepared in classrooms today.

EZF distributed school supplies packages to one hundred twenty-four (124) MZ Educational Assistance Program scholars and seventy-six (76) Tom Layng Educational Assistance Program scholars enrolled in Elementary, Secondary, Senior High School and College levels in August 2022, prior to the start of face-to-face classes.

Provision of School Uniforms
School uniforms require all pupils to wear the same clothes, which helps to level the playing field. This eliminates any preconceived notions about how to dress, increasing group cohesion and commonality. As a result, uniforms provide a strong sense of equality. This implies that all children are the same and originate from the same place, regardless of gender or financial background.

Before the commencement of the face to face classes this SY 2022-2023, the Foundation provided school uniform sets to its scholars, and a total of 159 sets of uniforms and 112 pairs of shoes.

Payment of Tuition, Miscellaneous fees and Books
This effort attempts to assist struggling parents in dealing with one of the costliest obligations they confront each school year. EZF believes that poverty affects education, and that education’s greatest impact on poverty is that it can help to eradicate it. In addition to other services, 58 college scholars got a monthly allowance to cover their expenses for food, transportation, board and lodging allowance.

Recognition of Scholars
The scholars’ recognition day was held last August 19, 2022 to recognize the academic achievements. Fifty-seven (57) MZ scholars and fifty-eight Tom Layng scholars were given certificates of recognition and cash incentives. Scholars who have garnered an average of 90 and above received this recognition. Scholars are more driven to achieve well in school as a result of these incentives.

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